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10th September 2011
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Literally translated from its original Japanese, KAIZEN means small, seemingly insignificant, on-going, continuous and never ending improvements.

What does this mean for your business?

It means always looking for that small improvement in your systems and procedures, your efficiency, and in the service you provide. Essentially, it is about the power of persistence. 
Failing to continually look for and implement this change will create a stagnant or degrading practice, and the service that you provide will be on a downhill slide. This is not a good way to grow your business.

What Kaizen really implies is that you do not have to make massive changes to grow. Small improvements, done consistently, will always have you moving forward to a bigger and better practice. Have your team brainstorm and make a list of the little things that can make all the difference. Then start introducing them one by one over time to have that little bit of improvement every day.

Inspired by Powerful Practices in Australia, and adapted by Tone Tellefsen Hughes at Luck’s Yard Clinic Milford.


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