Importance of testimonials when promoting your business
30th October 2010
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Testimonial cards - yes we've been banging on about this for some time ! One of the most important benefits of your feature on the bestofguildford is the fact that you can attach testimonials from happy customers - this is probably the most powerful incentive for sending customers your way. 

Remember people don't want to hear You saying how good you are.... they don’t want to hear other people saying how good you are on Your site, they want to hear other people saying how good you are on an independent site! … on this site.

Features on the bestofguildford with plenty of testimonials get more business – it’s as simple as that.
Now you can have cards branded with your own log and with a freepost address on the back – if customers can’t or won’t hand the card straight back to you, they can fill it in later and simple pop it in a letter box (no envelope and no stamp) –we’ve made it as easy as possible – These cards make you look professional, a business that cares what their customers say and …..these cards are FREE
The first 50 are on us - after that there will be a nominal charge for future orders if required.
contact me today to find out how to get hold of them.

These cards really work – we’ve already had quite a few back from the very first batch.

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