I predict a riot! - NTrust systems suggest what to do when your IT world falls apart in Guildford
12th August 2011
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There does'nt need to be a riot to land you and your beloved PC well and truly in the S**t!

Yes it's a boring subject and perhaps you live in a secure and gated community in the midst of 'labrador and latte' land ? But ..... sooner or later something nasty is likely to happen to your PC and then and only then will you realise how utterly dependent you are on that metal box under your desk that you take for granted and suddently you find yourself willing to pay anyone whatever it takes to get it up and running again as quickly as possible!

Prevention is so much better than the cure as our doctors tell us so.... stop playing roulette with your business and give your IT the consideration it deserves.

NTrust systems specialise in providing you with low cost, continual support - we do our best to stop nasty things ever happening, but if they do - we're there to sort it all out immediately! as part of our service, not at some exhorbitant call-out rate!

If computers are an important to your business ....contact us - we're here to look after the computers of Guildford!

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