Horse Racing at Sandown Park near Guildford - what a hoot !
2nd August 2010
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What a fantastic evening I had at Sandown Park Racecourse a few nights ago - I actually went to watch Razorlight perform, with my wife, sons and a few friends.

But the exciting bit was the racing before hand - I'd forgotten what a buzz it is to pick out a horse or two, part with twenty quid and then watch them thundering down the track in front of you with an eager and noisy expectant audience.

Bookies nowadays (in case like me you haven't been for a while) mostly have electronic boards which are linked to a Latop and the internet - the days of funny sign language are all but gone but I guess it does make things a little more accurate and scientific.

I manged to enjoy the racing, enjoy the music and have a few drinks and some food and still came home £30 up !

If you've not been racing recently why not take advantage of probably one of the best maintained UK horse race course with really excellent facilities
at Sandown Park Racecourse.

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Thinking of a meal in Guildford ?

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