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24th July 2011
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Gym free Holiday Workout

So, you’ve been training hard for months to look good for your holiday and now you’re going to just let it all go in two weeks. Whilst it is important to have breaks form training for your body to recover, you shouldn’t just throw all that hard work away. On holiday it is important to unwind and it is likely your eating and drinking will be a little excessive. I  would say that’s ok, after all you are on holiday. But, you do have to remember that if it’s a beach holiday especially, then you will not be burning as many calories as you usually do.  This paired with excessive eating and drinking leads to one guarantee........weight gain!

 Whilst on holiday there are always times of the day where you could do just 20 minutes exercise, 3 times per week just to maintain all that good work you’ve put in and make sure you don’t pile on the fat. Here is a simple workout which will help keep that holiday weight gain off, without using a gym or any equipment.

1.       20 metre Sprints:

Find a space about 20 metres in distance, sprint as fast as you can to the end and walk back to the start. The walking back is your recovery so take deep breaths and as soon as you get to the start, turn around and sprint again. Repeat this 10 times


2.       Body Weight Circuit: Perform each exercise for 1 minute with no rest in between exercises


Beginner: Lunges, Press ups, Squat thrusts, Plank, water bottle lateral raises, chair dips


Advanced: Jump Lunges, Clapping press ups, burpees, leg raises, hand stand press ups, chair dips (legs suspended)                               


3.        Box Jumps:

Find a wall or step. The higher this is the harder the exercise will, but no more than about 1-20 inches. Jump onto the step and then back down. Use your arms to help your momentum and cushion your landing by bending your knees as you land each jump. Complete 50 repetitions.


This workout would take less than 20 minutes and would mean you can enjoy your holiday without worrying about how much weight you have put on when you get back. At ActivZone Gym we can design great workout programs for any individual. We can even design you a workout such as this one which isn’t used in our gym. We care about our members getting results, and getting them fast. For more information please contact us 01483 448666 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting            01483 448666      end_of_the_skype_highlighting begin_of_the_skype_highlighting            01483 448666      end_of_the_skype_highlighting
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