Healthy means wealthy - improve employee productivity in Guildford
14th April 2011
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Healthy means wealthy


A healthy workforce can be three times as productive as an unhealthy one, according to Mark O. Mathews, registered osteopath and founder of The Rêve Pavilion Natural Health Clinic in Guildford. Workers in today's tough economic climate are taking less time off for sickness, as worries about job security make them reluctant to stay away from the office. Absence rates are at their lowest for 20 years

and the cynical view is that business owners need to worry a lot less about the health of their staff and focus more on margins, turnover and, in some cases, survival.


But how can you ensure that your team is fit and raring to go? 


Success depends on your team being healthier than your rivals. Experts argue that with an ageing working population, where the skills of your workforce increasingly give you competitive advantage, employee wellbeing will become more, not less, important.

In two recent reports, Healthy Work: Evidence into Action and Healthy Work: Challenges and Opportunities, healthcare provider Bupa says that with 40 per cent of UK adults set to be obese by 2025, the number of workers suffering from obesity-related conditions will rise steadily.

The reports also reveal that absence through sickness costs the British economy £14 billion a year; healthy workers, however, can be up to three times more productive than those in poor health. “So it will be the healthiest businesses that prosper,” says Mathews.

There's plenty you can do to keep your employees healthy, but where to start?   Mark O. Mathews explains how to keep your staff, and your business, healthy.

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