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21st March 2011
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Is your body a temple …. or ..... a derelict church ?!

The days of unhealthy living are over … or are they?

We are all aware of the damage cholesterol causes and the dangers of too much sugar or too much salt or too much wine or  basically too much anything!

One thing which still seems to plague us are all those aches and pains caused by lack of exercise, the wrong exercise, or just bad posture and the older we get, the more prevalent these become.

Mark Mathews at The Reve Pavilion offers a plethora or services and treatments all designed to get your body back into tip top working ordered – maybe you’re suffering a sports injury, a groin strain or a stiff neck. There are a number of safe and effective ways in which Mark and his team can call on their years of experience and expertise and get you back in to shape.

The Reve Pavilion is fairly unique in Guildford because it offers a huge range of treatments and services all under one roof!

The Reve Pavilion – Natural Health Clinic


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