Having computer issues in your office?
2nd November 2010
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Setting up a network in an office can be a real pain to deal with. Here at the best of guildford we recently moved into a new office just outside of guildford town centre. As I'm in charge of all the technical issues in the office it was down to me to set up a network so that all the computers we use were able to access the same data and all connect to the office printer and of course the main issue - all connect to the internet.

Now most people will have experienced difficulties of some form if they've ever tried to set up a small home or office network themselves. The first port of call is usually the ISP's (internet service provider)  tech support hotline. Generally these support hotline can help you fix the common problems. However if you're trying to set up anything more than the basic internet connection they often prove to be fairly useless.

In these situations my first response is to visit Google. It may seem obviously but generally you won't be the only person to have run into these problems. To find what you are looking for always make sure you know the make and model number of any hardware you are using. If getting error messages try typing those in as well (sometimes you may need to generalise the error message rather than typing in the whole thing).

Quite often you will find that you problems can be solved with firmware updates which are easily obtained through the manufacturers website. The second most common problem is out of date software on your computer - Windows Update is available on all Windows computers and I'd always recommend running it to ensure you have all your programs up-to-date.

Another tip is that sometimes pieces of hardware just don't play nice with one another. Sometimes you'll find confirmation of this after a bit of searching on google. The important thing to consider is that going out and buying a new piece of hardware might save you valuable time and money when compared to fixing the hardware you already have.   

Finally, if you aren't someone who wants to delve into the technical side of running an office yourself why not try a computer support specialist such as nTrust Systems or DISCASSIST who are both recommended by us here at the best of guildford. Click the link below and check out the page on the best of guildford website. 



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