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15th July 2010
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As I write, the wind is howling outside and the two plants (tomato and potato) that I managed to grow for the very first time in our recent sub-saharan weather have been viciously and spitefully knocked to the ground by last night's torrential rain !

But what has this to do with Guilfest ? well as we basked in day after day of glorious sunshine and watched the grass turn to straw - I was thinking how great Guilfest this year will be and how busy it will be with everyone walking around at in the evenings as well as the day in shorts and T-shirts soaking up a California Hippy like atmosphere (like we did in 2008 and before) - but of course I failed to make allowance for our totally unpredictable climate and the reason why England is such an interesting place to live !

I have checked the forecast and it isn't looking particularly promising with a high likelihood of rain all the way through to Sunday, the only positive is that the wind is forecast to ease up for Saturday and Sunday.

They don't always get it right so let's hope the rain bit is slightly wrong - it's just a crying shame when the last three weekends have been ridiculously hot, sunny and dry but of course ..... typical English weather !

Of course the committed, will totally ignore the weather and get on and enjoy the whole thing regardless - just like they do at Glastonbury - I have just driven past this morning and see that the tents are already springing up like mushrooms all over the site - I think it's going to be BIG ONE and just to drive past the growing site and to see all the barrier and stage preparations fills me with a sense of excitement and anticipation.

I quite fancy pop[ping down myself to see 'the Quo' on Sunday, they were great last time round (in 2008 I think) and well worth the entrance fee so providing it's not a deluge on the day, I'll be down there ....on the Sunday, Level 42, 10CC and the Blockheads are also playing live along with others.

If you'd like to see who's on and when click here.

Guilfest started as a Guildford thing but has become a national institution with people flocking in from all parts of England and even some from overseas - if you've never been and live locally - you've got to go for at a least a day to see what you think - rain or shine, it's a really really well organised and run event which gets bigger every year ... maybe see you there ?

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