Guildford Means Business – five expo mistakes to avoid
22nd April 2014
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As we all know, Guildford Means Business – like most business expos – is a fantastic event. It’s busy, productive, a great opportunity to network and there’s all kinds of info and advice at the seminars too. To get the most from your day and have no bitter drops in your cups of happiness, here are some mistakes to avoid.

  1. Going alone

Obviously, GMB isn’t a dark alleyway  or an expanse of creepy woodland, but if you exhibit on your own, you won’t get the most from your day. You’ll be stuck on your stand, meaning that not only are you dependent on people coming to you but you can’t go to the loo either! You’ll miss out on visiting the other stands and won’t be able to go to any of the seminars. Take someone with you and it all gets a lot easier.


2. Not looking after yourself

Exhibiting is tiring. Take healthy food, water and a folding chair with you and wear your comfortable shoes!


3. Not leaving enough time

GLive will be open on 13 May for exhibitors to set up their stands. Remember to set aside an extra day so you’re not frantically pinning things up as the visitors are arriving. Factor the two days into your budget – they’ll be two days you can’t be at work.


4. Parking at GLive

Don’t forget that the car park at GLive has the same rates as the other central Guildford car parks, i.e. £1.20 per hour. If a full day’s parking isn’t in your budget, consider car pooling, public transport or using the Park and Ride.

5. Keeping it to yourself!

If you don’t tell your clients, colleagues and customers, they won’t know about the expo. GMB is FREE to visit! Remember, telling people works for both you and them – there’s a lot for your customers to get out of the expo and a it’ll be a great support for you to have a cluster of loyal clients around your stand.

The Best of Guildford team want Guildford Means Business to be as fabulous for you as it is for us. Plan ahead, think it through and you’ll have a great day at GMB on 14 May.

See you there!

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