Green Tea burns calories
24th January 2011
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If you're looking to burn a few extra pounds this New Year, a daily cup or two of Green Tea could help accelerate your fat loss efforts.

Newly published research from Penn State University shows that green tea’s fat burning effects may be due in part to their impact on a class of fat burning genes.

The beneficial effects of green tea on weight loss are now pretty well accepted by most people. For a while, lots of researchers and nutritionist were on the fence about green tea’s fat burning effects but last year a group of scientists from University of Connecticut got together to analyze all the studies involving green tea and weight loss to see what they collectively said. Their conclusion is as follows:

Drinking the equivalent of 2 cups of green tea per day will lead to an extra 3 pounds of weight loss and almost an extra 1 inch lost from your waist after 12 weeks.

Now, that might not sound like much, but when you add it to regular exercise and an effective eating plan, it certainly helps push your results further and more quickly!

In the newly published study from Food & Function, Penn State researchers found that one of the antioxidants in green tea (called EGCG) increased fat burning through increasing levels of a very influential gene in your body.

If green tea is going to increase this then I’ll have another cup - and so should you. 

Drinking green tea everyday is just one simple way to help keep excess weight at bay.

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