Goal Line Video Technology for World Cup football
28th June 2010
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The technology for Goal-line technology is ready and waiting to go - it has already been throughly tested and could be implemented immediately so why are FIFA so adamant that they don't need it/want it ?

It would appear that after a series of monumental blunders by refereeing staff that the public throughout the world feel very strongly in favour. If we recall, the Lawn Tennis Association resisted the introduction of Hawk Eye until a series of bad decisions in 2004 forced them to capitulate - are we not now at he same point in time with Football?

The goal by England yesterday was so clearly a proper goal that millions of viewers worldwide were left speechless by the referee's totally wrong decision to dis-allow it (in the event it would have made no difference to the score but could have had an effect on England's fragile mental 'psych' according to John Terry).

A similarly bad decision in the next match where a clearly Offside Argentinian goal was allowed by the ref - almost caused a riot when it was shown on the large screen and created a half time scuffle between the Mexican and Argentinian team - this shouldn't be happening in a contest that has such a huge affect worldwide.

I firmly believe that if the technology is available and working, it must be used - these are multi-million high stake games watched by millions, how can such an important decision rely solely on human judgement particularly when technology is in place to show everyone when the decision is wrong ?!

Take a look here to listen to Hawk Eye's inventor Dr Paul Hawkins


What are your views on video technology ? The argument against is that it will destroy the pace and continuity of the game but surely we can introduce the same rules as tennis - a maximum of three appeals per side per game - this, much like the subs rule will encourage side to appeal only when the have genuine cause to.

So my message is 'come on FIFA - stop faffing around and accept the inevitable - Video technology should be introduced today !'



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