Formula 1 - Vettel versus Webber
2nd June 2010
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There is currently a massive inquiry going on regarding the collision of Vettel with Webber at last weekend's F1 Grand Prix in Turkey.

Why ? because in the closing laps, Vettel attempted to pass his Red Bull team mate Webber, at that time leading the race and ended up taking both cars off the track - Webber ultimately finished third behind Hamilton (the winner) and Button, who also had their moment as Button tried to pass Hamilton, but team orders ensured that it was nipped in the bud and no further attempt to pass was made by Button after that (a shame in my oppinion), although I think he was the faster driver and potentially could have won.

So what's all the fuss ? I DON'T KNOW ! Come on guys - it was a Racing Incident - F1 compared to MotoGP for example is frankly usually plain boring - rarely have I got so excited as I did watching the F1 in Turkey this weekend - I was on the edge of my seat - this is what we want to watch a proper race with drivers risking their positions and reputation in an attempt to get to the front. I think they should ban radio contact with the drivers - we potentially were in for another treat as Button and Hamilton 'sparred' in the final laps but a firm instruction on the radio put paid to all of that.

Of course it was a major disaster and perhaps Vettel's pass was ill-judged but that's not the point, the point is did he do anything wrong and did he do it on purpose?  ....  in the context of racing I say NO.

So let's stop making a big fuss - no-one was hurt (physically) and they can come back and do it all over again at the next venue in a week or so - do you want to watch a race? .... or a boring procession of rectangular objects following each other around a circuit and gaining places only if their pit crew happen to change a wheel faster than their competitor !... that's not racing !


Any comments ?

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