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26th August 2010
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Floored !! Have you ever considered fitting laminate flooring with underfloor heating ?

If you have dogs, laminate flooring is a great idea! we have two dogs and when we moved in four year ago, the first thing we did was rip out all the carpet and replace it with laminate - my only regret is that we should have installed underfloor heating whilst we were at.

Laminate flooring has brought the wooden flooring effect within the reach of many there days and adds a clean modern effect to your house - unlike tiles, wood or laminate is not particularly cold on the feet either so it doesn't mean that you lose that cosy feeling on cold nights.

Laminate really needs to be fitted properly and whilst it is sold as a DIY product, why not spend that little extra and have a decent job made o f it - it really does show if there are big gaps or if the lines are not straight or if the planks are not properly fitted - furthermore, the beading supplied looks really Naff - far vbetter to have a professional undertrim your skirting or remove the skirting and refit new after the floor has been laid ... and why not fit some under floor heating at the same time ?

The Prestige Flooring Company specialise in all types of flooring, including carpet - they can supply and enormous range at trade prices as well have sending their dedicated fitters along to install it all properly.

Contact the Prestige Flooring company serving Guildford and the surrounding area.

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