6th October 2009
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If you are planning a fireworks Do here are some simple and obvious steps which you probably know, but it’s always handy to have a reminder!  Planning – as with every event, Planning is the key – especially when dealing with potentially harmful things like fireworks.

               Work out who is going to be responsible for running the ‘show’ and remember, the Law now states that category 4 fireworks may only be used by professional firework display operators. .They can be lethal if wrongly handled!

               Consider whether the site is suitable and large enough for your Event .......

Look at the space itself – you need room for a bonfire and a large distance between spectators and the site of the fireworks – think of contingency – what if the wind is strong or changes – are there any buildings or objects that could be too close ? what about overhead power lines etc? What will happen if things do go wrong? Make sure there is someone who will be responsible for calling the emergency services and that you have a plan just in case.

               Make sure you obtain the fireworks from a decent supplier – do a search on !

               Storage – you need somewhere Secure, Safe and of course Dry - ideally not in your house.

               If you plan on selling alcohol the bar should be well away from the display site and responsible people should be organised to run the bar.


If you are in the Fire and safety business or would simply like to add a comment or too - please do !


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