Finding the right letting agent in Guildford.
8th March 2011
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Finding the right letting agent in Guildford.


With all the talk surrounding 'Buy to Let' and some saying prices will go even lower whilst others say they are already on their way back up - it's sometimes easy to overlook the other part of the equation, the tenant.

If you are a 'small' landlord, what do you look for in your ideal tenant ... probably a 40 year old spinster, with a very well paid secure job and an obsession with cleaning ! The truth is it's very difficult to vet and find the right tenant which is why it's so important to leave that job to a reputable agent.

Getting the wrong tenant in could cost you a lot more than a month or two of rent!

Glen Wakeham of Belvoir Letting prides himself on following strict guidelines set out by Belvoir and this includes obtaining proper references and making absolutely certain that the right tenant goes into the right accommodation.

If you want to take the gamble out of letting why not speak to Belvoir letting


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