Finding a good Plumber in Guildford ? - and how to avoid a dodgy one!
1st April 2011
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Are there any dodgy plumbers in Guildford?  ... I don't know but it's a fact that it's easier to end up with a bad plumber than most other trades, because, as we all know, when a pipe is haemorrhaging water at a Tsunami style rate, all sensible things like cost quotations and proper recommendations etc. go out of the window (pardon the pun) - you just need someone there, who seems to know what to do as soon as physically possible and... this is why you hear some really bad stories about rip-off rates, unnecessary work and just plain incompetence.

The Plumbers on our web site are not only recommended by YOU - our registered local users,  but ... they are also personally known and endorsed by us - they wouldn't be on this site otherwise.

We have two excellent plumbers on the site right now - don't wait until the boiler explodes or the pipes burst - why not make contact with them (they won't mind explaining what they do and don't cover) and then when you do have an emergency, you'll know exactly who to call with some peace of mind!



for small jobs and simple jobs why not also consider out two extremely good and reliable Handymen ..



Remember - using a dodgy plumber could cost you a lot more than the call-out fee!



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