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26th January 2011
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You simply cannot put a price on your health and wellbeing! All the money in the world doesn't make up or compensate for a debilitating or perhaps terminal disease and if you ask anyone with such a condition, they will tell that they'd forego any amount of money to be rid of their condition.

Why then do we all take normal health for granted ?

Doctors the world over have been telling us for year that the key to a long life or survival even, is a healthy balance diet accompanied by regular healthy exercise.

Now you could just run around the block, but the fact is for many people over say 40, it's not actually a great thing to do - the impact on your joints, knees especially caused by regular, prolonged running can render you crippled later on in life - for someone like me, running is the last thing I should be doing! A cross training machine on the other hand provided the same level of exertion but in a safe and non-damaging way.

Having accepted that exercise is a necessary or at least sensible addition to your weekly routine, why not pamper yourself a little bit more and join a luxury local club? It always baffles me that all of us can easily justify spending £60 a month having take-away curries each month but not on a health club designed to enhance and prolong our lives.

Esporta based in Guildford is more than just a place to work out - the equipment and gym environment is very nicely laid out, decorated and equipped. Equipment is regularly serviced, updated and replaced. Facilities include, a decent swimming pool, steam room and sauna as well as a nice eating area and loads of additional treatments.

You can exercise at Esporta in a relaxed and healthy way without causing damage to your joints - ask one of the trainers what's best for you and they will give you professional, qualified advice and encouragement.

Currently you can get free registration and 50% off the standard rate for February and March! so .... why not give it a whirl for the next year and see how enjoyable going to the Gym can be!


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