Don’t be daunted by cold calling
9th December 2013
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“Cold calling” can be really daunting. We all want people to know about our businesses: what we do and what makes us better than the competition. But if I asked you to grab the phone, call someone up and tell them, I believe 99% of you would refuse. You’d refuse because it’s hard to sell a product or service over the phone – all you have is your voice. You’d refuse because it’s your business, your “baby,” and if someone hung up on you it would hurt your feelings. And what if you were nervous, said the wrong thing and talked yourself out of a sale? Oh dear, oh dear.

So that’s 99% of us. What about the other 1%? Well, the other 1% are experienced telemarketers like Jan Webb at Creating Sales. Many companies outsource their calls to Jan who uses her knowledge and experience to make sure your company’s message is getting through to the right people. How does she do it?

Firstly, Jan’s calls are never completely “cold” because she does her research first.  She finds out which other businesses might be interested in what you company is offering and gets the message through to the right person. If the call doesn’t lead anywhere, she doesn’t have to worry that it will upset her: yes, she represents your company but she doesn’t have an emotional involvement with it. 

Jan Webb’s twenty years’ experience in the sales sector means that her calls are always professional. She works with companies to find out all about their products and what questions people might ask, then makes sure she has all the answers ready. She works without a script to ensure she always sounds natural and doesn’t miss anything a potential client wants to know about. When she’s on the phone to someone, she knows she isn’t pushing them into buying anything. What she is trying to do is generate interest so that the person on the other end wants to set up an appointment to find out more.

You don’t need to be daunted by “cold calling.” With the right research, it’s not even a cold call; and with the right telemarketer, all the hard work is done for you.

For more information about the benefits of outsourcing your telemarketing, give Jan Webb at Creating Sales a call on 01483 270310.

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