Do you send text messages in Guildford? Evidence that texting causes neck pain!
11th October 2011
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Using electronic devices for texting or playing video games for three or more hours a day may lead to increased neck and shoulder pain, or text neck, says Canadian researcher Richard Wells of the University of Waterloo.

Wells found that those who used their devices for three or more hours a day had twice as much pain in their shoulders, neck and other areas, compared with those who used the devices for less time. MSNBC says the research is believed to be a first for text neck, or forward head posture.

Published in Journal of Applied Ergonomics, the research included 140 participants.

Preventing text neck may be simple: Learn to hold your arms out and look straight ahead, plus take a break every 15 minutes to hold your head back, says Cynthia Vaughn of the American Chiropractic Association.

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