Divorce - the plain truth by Keith Churchouse - Nagged, Bagged and Tagged
18th March 2011
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D I V O R C E  .... a very expensive business ...or so I am told!

Gladly and luckily I remain married and have been so for almost 30 years - seems like an age but it is possible! Sadly I have many friends who are either on their second or third marriages and some, including my own sisters (all three of them) are single divorcees.



I say sadly, but of course that’s a matter of personal opinion – many of these people are perfectly happy but pretty much all of them will have endured a certain degree of unpleasantness during and after the whole process.

It's almost inconceivable that two people can stick together for a long time and once we remove practical constraints such as children and social constraints such as culture and religion - it’s hardly surprising that in our new, free world - divorce has increased at a staggering rate.

45-50 is apparently the safest age but recently divorces for the over 50's have started increasing year on year.

If you are one of the unfortunate participants in a divorce - male or female - you should have a read of Keith Churchouse's  latest book on the subject - Keith is himself a two times divorcee and he has made it his goal to write on a subject which to a large extent is swept under the carpet and forgotten about when in fact it is something affecting most of us. His book is full of helpful, valuable and practical information to assist people in the post-divorce phase

Nagged, Bagged and Tagged will be released on 21st March - it's priced at £9.99 and can be pre-ordered from Amazon now.


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