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3rd November 2010
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A few home made interior design tips

1. Never get someone really tall to hang your pictures - they'll end up way too high!

2. When designing a child's room,get down to their level  to envisage things from their perspective - you'll also avoid fitting things too high.

3. Eggshell  paint on woodwork doesn't show up imperfections like gloss does.

4. When painting corridors remember dark colours will it appear shorter.

5. Clever use of mirrors will create the illusion of more space.

6. car spray paint is excellent for  revitalising light fittings.

Interior decoration of your home is far more important than most people realise...... apart from creating a feeling of warmth and satisfaction for you, it also plays a big part in determining the value of your home - why not do the job properly and contact your local experts..

World's End Interiors

what do the colours mean ?

Pink based ........ vibrant and dramatic

Terracotta (orange) ..... warm and friendly

Yellow .... for dull and dark rooms

Green .... calming

Blue ...... cool and restful

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