Croydon Riots - Ade Oduyemi of Max Inheritance Guildford has a word to say!
12th August 2011
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Croydon Riots!

Rioting in Croydon?

First things first!! Those weren’t riots, say again, those were not riots. Come with me to my grandma’s home province of Ulster, or fire up your TV, and see what’s happening in funky places like Greece or Syria, now, those, are riots!!

Not Riots, what were they then?

Petty thievery on a grand scale; coupled with arson and murder!! Let us not dignify this recent display of crime with the word ‘riot’.

If it’s not riots or rioting, why am I so moved?

People died; lives and limbs were imperilled. Businesses were destroyed, the fruit of several generations of blood sweat toil and tears was sent up in smoke in a matter of hours – most visibly but not exclusively the Reeves Furniture business – quite honestly I never went in there, but it was a local landmark. Now that part of Croydon is simply, unrecognisable

People have been…

People have been soooooo unspeakably generous giving their time; oodles of cash, gifts in kind. We have folk from outside this town such as insurance; marketing and bid writing and proposal experts offering to help get Croydon get back on its feet.

There is simply not enough room to acknowledge the efforts of the good folk in and around the town from my contact at the local paper to our word of mouth specialist who are cashing in favours and by the nature of these things begging them.


Brick by Brick Croydon is a local fundraising event with which we seek your support: nothing, but nothing could possibly be too small or too humble, we’ll receive all donations most graciously.

Ade Oduyemi is the principal at Maximum Inheritance specialists who provide inheritance planning services such as wills; trusts; and powers of attorney.


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