Command Your Space - Stand and Deliver!
24th September 2014
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I was called for jury duty once. I was really looking forward to it. It appealed to my sense of civic duty so after 2 weeks of free lunches and anticipation I finally got assigned to an arson case! But instead of eloquent monologues and clever cross examinations, the pedantic monotones of this particular defence barrister sent me practically catatonic. Counsel lost his train of thought repeatedly through every belaboured point, mumbling his way through pages and pages of details. It was frustratingly difficult to keep track of the relevant points and was mesmerising but not in a good way - it has happened to the best of us. 

You may have the content, you may have the jokes but its all in the delivery and frankly you cant afford to lose a room like that. Whether its Shakespeare or widgets you need to connect with your audience so they hang on your every syllable. You're going for the standing 'O'.... a compelling presentation can move nations, sell electric egg poachers or save your local greenbelt!

Better call Keith and book for one of his workshops. Its time to stand & deliver!

The next workshop is on 2nd October. Fee £65.

Members BOOK NOW for a special discounted fee of £47.50 for this workshop when you quote BEST2010

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