Christmas wouldn't be Christmas without a traditional Spanish serano ham !
19th November 2010
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Someone once said that if turkey is so marvellous why don't we eat it every week !
Personally I don't like it, I don't dislike it, but I find it dry and 'sinewy' - I actually prefer chicken, but in my house we have a big juicy rib or beef which ussually infuriates my extended family if they are visiting us - it's beef or nothing in our house!

Turkey is a relatively new additional to the Christmas table anyway - if you look back through history you'll see that it's much more traditional to have a joint of beef or lamb or of course goose - I think we've got our Americans to thank for the unjustified popularity of turkey, well them and Bernard Mathews of course.

But ... the most important treat at Christmas for me is a nice leg of serano ham which just sits on the side for a week and can be hacked away at bit by bit, day by day.... heaven!

My whole family love it and I've been buying one or two or three legs for the past few years from The Spanish Tappas company. They supply direct to the public and to be fair their prices are really reasonable, especially since the pound has weakened so much.

If you fancy something special this Christmas drop Jonathan a line , but you'd better get in touch now if you want to get it for Christmas!

The Spanish Tappas company used to be in Woking and were featured on this site before they moved out of the area - I can personally  recommend them and vouch for their serano hams - I guarantee you will not be disappointed.


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