Burn fat with the Ultimate Gym Challenge
11th May 2011
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Get fit and burn fat with the Ultimate Gym Challenge

ActivZone Gym are currently running a member event called the ultimate gym challenge. This is a timed workout designed to cover all areas of fitness from strength and speed to endurance and stamina.

Gym Manager Alex Bone is taking part and he says

"its a tough workout but fun at the same time. its good to challenge yourself and see how fit you really are".

 Although not eligible for the prizes Alex and fitness instructor Jack are in a close battle for pride to see who has the best overall fitness level. Jack states

"Alex is hard to beat, but i think if i really push it i can have him".

To make it fair for everyone there are different categories and the workout has been adjusted for different ages and abilities. The workout is designed so that people can use the competitiveness of the workout to motivate themselves in their training and to help members achieve their health and fitness goals. To enter the competition it cost only £10 and for this the competitor receives a training session with an instructor, a competitors t-shirt and also the chance to win a range of prizes. The aim for the gym is to use the money towards a new floor in the free weights area.

For more information on the Ultimate Gym Challenge contact ActivZone Gym 01483 448666 or visit the website www.activzone.co.uk

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