Bonfire Night….The Guildford Way ....Stoke Park Fireworks November 5 2011
4th October 2011
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Bonfire Night….The Guildford Way!..

Have you ever thought about how multicoloured the nation must look in the night sky’s on 5th November?

It may seem like an odd question but I am sure you know what I am referring to here.

That’s right, Fireworks night. Whilst, you may want to celebrate it from the convenience of your own home…(obviously your garden), why not come along to the humongous gathering that takes place at the Stoke Park field in Guildford?

What’s the hassle?

It’s a perfect opportunity to witness this event which has proved to be highly successful with a great turnout….enjoy!

For full details of this event ... when, where etc please click here!


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