Bonfire Night…So what exactly are you celebrating?
10th October 2011
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Most of us know that Guy Fawkes was executed on 5thNovember attempting to blow up the Houses of Parliament.

Some would argue that the gunpowder used probably would not have achieved the intended destruction, but we still obediently celebrate this event every year on 5th with bonfoires and fireworks and have done for the past 400 years.

Guy Fawkes was indeed caught, tortured and executed on the 5th November 1605…BUT are we celebrating his departure or his involvement to blow King James ? After all, it was in the name of religious conflict this attempt was undertaken. The conspiracy continues…

For Bonfires night event in Guildford and the local area, have a look at the following links:

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Cranleigh Lions Bonfire Night - 5 November

Farnham Fireworks Fiesta - 5 November

Brockham Bonfire - 5 November


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