Best of Guildford Testimonials - why they matter ...part 1
11th May 2012
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Why use testimonials?

Being part of The Best Of Guildford is a testimonial in itself - your business has already been recommended and found to be excellent - but a little more customer encouragement never went amiss. 


When considering the value of testimonials, it is worth thinking of the differences between the internet and physical shops and services.

You can walk into a shop, chat to someone who works there and  maybe even try the products out ... but in the huge internet marketplace, a bit more needs to be done to win customers over.

It's not difficult, but it can't be ignored either. Customers need to know your company is for real, that it delivers what it says it does and that previous users were happy with it.

A testimonial does all of those things!   

A potential customer, scouting around online for fitted kitchens, IT support, designer shoes or anything else will know that a company with testimonials is a real company that can be trusted. 

Other people have used that company before and their great experiences can be used to attract new customers. You know you have exceeded customer expectations in the past but that needs to be shared with future customers too - that'll guarantee that it's your business that gets more business. 

How The Best Of uses testimonials

If you want to see just how valuable testimonials are, go and check out more businesses on The Best Of. The testimonials are placed immediately after the company overview meaning that new clients can get a good impression straightaway.


The Best Of home pages give a lot of space to testimonials too. The Best Of is very experienced at getting businesses noticed and talking to each other and the way they show off positive feedback sets a great example. 

So go on!

Upload your testimonials and reap the benefits!

What are you waiting for? 



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