Ask any Florist in Guildford - Cutting flowers in the coolest part of the day will extend their life!
3rd October 2011
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Cutting flowers during the coolest part of the days will leave them looking fresher and lasting in the vase for longer - whether you are the green fingered type or not, this is a well known fact.....ASK ANY FLORIST!

Why? .... because, plants store moisture and the colder the ambient temperature is, the more moistutre they store. This is important and by cutting your flowers at the coldest time of the day you could extend it's lfe by up to 3 days! 




Looking for the freshest flowers in Guildford? ... then why not contact one of our recommended local florists

Abbey Florist - Farncombe (South of Guildford)

Fleurie Flowers - Shere (North of Guildford)

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