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23rd September 2011
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Sunshine Programme

At Shine we would like to introduce best of Guildford customers to our Sunshine programme.  This is an ideal programme to help keep your healthy as well as being kind on your pocket.  

Can you remember how you feel when you are on holiday in the sunny weather – relaxed, chilled and feeling good?  The sunshine programme is to help you feel more relaxed, chilled and feeling good every month by having a treatment at Shine.  

Here is what Ram said about his monthly treatment

"The best experience you will ever have. A professional and friendly service from Caroline. Since I have started my treatments at Shine, feels like I have a different body now. I am more relaxed at work and I can concentrate much better on things that used to stress the hell out of me.

You got to try it and I can only recommend

Thank you Caroline!"



£5.00 off your First Treatment

For best of Guildford customers we are offering £5.00 discount from every treatment valued over £15.00. This is a great way for you can experience the treatment of your choice at Shine.  We are the most recommended business on the best of Woking site and we work with are customers to deliver highly effective, quality treatments and customer service.  We give a FREE consultation on your first visit worth around £18.00 so we can tailor make the treatment to your needs to give you the results you are looking for.                

3 for 2 weekly mini course

The programme starts with every customer being eligible to one 3 for 2 weekly course of their favourite treatment.  The reason for this great offer is so you can see the accumulative effects of having more regular treatments.  That will help you decide if the benefits of regular treatments are something you want to invest in yourself.  It’s not just about pampering or doing something that is a luxury – having regular massage, facials and body wraps can give you much more health benefits than a treatment once in a while,  which you should experience for yourself by having trying a mini course.


Caroline from Shine said "I personally have at least two massages a month to keep me feeling relaxed, chilled and feeling good."

Lisete said "Caroline's body and back massages are absolutely divine. I used to have back and neck aches and have tried a lot of other treatments but none have been effective. I am no longer in pain since I have started to regularly see Caroline for massages. Caroline also tailors her treatments to meet your individual needs. I would definitely recommend her to friends."

Discounted Standing Order treatment rate

After having the mini course you will be eligible to sign up for a special discounted rate by signing up to pay by monthly standing order. If you wish to have any extra sessions of your preferred treatment that month you will be charged just your special discounted treatment rate.  An extra benefit is that as one of my VIP customers you can book your sessions more than one month ahead to secure your preferred time and day.

Just think a regular monthly treatment to feel more relaxed, chilled and feeling good at a special discounted rate.  

Don’t you deserve to invest in a little “Me” time every month? – It’s much healthier than chocolates, alcohol, take away and meals out.   

For all the terms and conditions ask for a standing order pack to be sent to you.   


Robyn said "Caroline at Shine is fantastic, I regularly go for Facials and Massages and every visit is a complete pampering session! The facials have drastically improved the complexion of my skin and the advice she has given me on my own skincare routine at home has been invaluable. I would recommend Shine to anyone who is not just looking for a standard salon but rather for something extraordinary!"

Call me now on 07912 547211

If you want to sign up for the standing order or wish to book your first 3 for 2 mini course please call me to find out more.  



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