A great shave is as close as just four steps away...
22nd August 2011
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Skin-Saving Shaving

A great shave is as close as just four steps away.

The daily ritual of shaving is the closest thing many men have to a skin care routine. But what most guys don't realize is that a good skin care regimen can actually improve their daily shave. By prepping the skin, the right products make for a closer, more comfortable shaving experience. Skin care products can also soothe the face post-shave and help to prevent shaving-related problems (such as ingrown hairs and razor burn). Plus, a product line such as Arbonne RE9 Advanced™ for Men can help give you a more youthful appearance, because it is a skin care regimen developed to help reduce the visible signs of aging. And with SPF 20, it also helps to prevent sunburn.



The RE9 Advanced for Men Exfoliating Wash uses walnut shell powder to gently remove dead cells from the skin's surface, which helps to revitalize and deeply clean the skin. Its unique blend of botanical oils also helps to condition the skin and prep it for a close shave. Exfoliating can also help reduce the occurrence of ingrown hairs, according to Dr. Peter Matravers, Arbonne Sr. Vice President of Product Development. "Exfoliating every time you cleanse your face or during shaving is the best defense against ingrown hair and razor bumps. This helps to clean away cellular debris and lift the hair away from the follicle, thus preventing it curling back into the skin." Matravers also says that shaving in the direction of hair growth is another way to help reduce the occurrence of ingrown hairs.

TOP TIP: Keep the Exfoliating Wash in the shower — that makes it a fast, simple step that can easily be incorporated into even the busiest guy's morning routine.



Ridding the face of stubble each day can seem like a chore to guys who prefer a clean-shaven look. But it doesn't have to be an irritating experience. A good shaving gel can help the razor glide more smoothly across the skin. The RE9 Advanced for Men Shave Gel formula helps to condition the skin against razor burn, for a shave that's close, quick and comfortable.

TOP TIP: Shave in or right after the shower — the warm water helps to open up the pores and makes hairs softer and plumper for a cleaner, easier shave.



Shaving can be hard on the face, so applying a post-shave balm is an important step in the daily care of the skin. The RE9 Advanced for Men Post-Shave Balm is formulated with marine derived ingredients (such as sea buckthorn oil and sea mayweed), which help to comfort the skin.

TOP TIP: Ways to help prevent razor burn include: Keeping the skin moist; using a moisturizing shaving gel; shaving in the direction of the hair growth; resisting the urge to shave too closely (i.e., applying minimal pressure); avoiding potentially irritating products on the shaved area (colognes, etc.) and using an aftershave cream or balm with soothing emollients.



One of the most important post-shaving steps, moisturizing helps keep skin soft and supple, and can also help diminish the signs of aging, stress and fatigue. The RE9 Advanced for Men Facial Moisturizer also contains SPF 20 to help prevent sunburn.

TOP TIP: Keep moisturizer in the car or a gym bag so it's always on hand. And remember that UVB rays can penetrate car and office windows, so applying a moisturizer with SPF is an important part of any daily skin care routine, even when not heading out into the sun.




• The average man has more than 25,000 hairs in his face.

• Over the course of a lifetime, men spend over 3,000 hours shaving.

• Contrary to common misconception, shaving does not cause hair to grow back thicker, coarser or darker.

• Only about 30 percent of men who shave use an electric razor.

• Archeologists believe that cavemen used clams, sharks' teeth and flint blades to shave with 20,000 years ago in the Stone Age.

• Circular solid gold or copper razors can be found as far back as the 4th millennium B.C. in some Egyptian tombs.

• Alexander the Great is thought to have strongly promoted shaving during his reign to avoid dangerous beard-grabbing assaults during combat.

• Julius Caesar supposedly preferred to have his beard plucked out with tweezers, although other Roman men used blades/razors or rubbed the beards from their faces using pumice stones.

• Fidel Castro reportedly only grew his now signature/infamous beard when the U.S. Cuban trade embargo cut off his supply of razors.

• Designs for safety razors date back to at least 1762, but they didn't really catch on until 1828, when they debuted in Sheffield, England.

• In 1847, William Henson invented the hoe-shaped razor that most men use today.

*This is general, fun trivia and historical information and is not intended to be relied upon as definitive fact.


Posted by Arbonne Beauty Editor

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