14 Days of Love - are you ready to become the country's best loved business?
28th January 2013
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All over the country, businesses registered with the Best of are getting ready for 14 Days of Love, signing up to take part, sending out review postcards to their customers, blowing up balloons. Some have even phoned up the Best of Guildford office just for the pleasure of hearing Sally say "luuuuurrrve." 

If you don't already know about 14 Days of Love, this is how it works. Between 1 and 14 February, customers can leave reviews of your business on the Best of Guildford and every day they have the chance to win a really outstanding prize. The more great reviews and testimonials your business gets,  the more likely you are to end up Guildford's best-loved business, or even the best-loved business in the country.  

How are you going to get all these great reviews, then? You're already one of the best companies in Guildford - that is what the Best of Guildford is all about. But you need to get your customers here on the website, voting, reviewing and generally catapulting you up the Love-O-Meter, so to speak.  Please let your customers know you're part of this campagin - put it on your Facebook page, Tweet it (use #14daysoflove) and you can also get posters, postcards, balloons, flyers, stickers, e-postcards and badges to help you promote 14 Days of Love. Once your customers know, all they have to do is click on the Best of Guildford and add their reviews.  

For more information, or to sign your business up for 14 Days of Love, email sally@bestofguildford.co.uk

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