14 Days of Love - 7 February
7th February 2013
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Yesterday, Gillian P of Hereford won £200 to spend at the Best Of! Congratulations, Gillian!

Today, one lucky reviewer can win a voucher for a Virgin Experience Day and go and drive a supercar, go up the Shard, have a flying lesson or simply spend the day rolling around in an inflatable ball. Marvellous. There's another two hours left to leave your review - or maybe you already have! 

Tomorrow's prize is a Magnum of Champagne. You proably know that a Magnum is the equivalent of two ordinary (ordinary?!) bottles of Champagne but did you know a Nebuchadnezzar is the equivalent of twenty bottles and a Melchizedek is the equivalent of forty?! If you haven't got that much Champagne, you can always rename your goldfish. 

Remember, 14 Days of Love is all about sharing your love for the businesses in your area. Your reviews might win you a prize and they'll also make those lucky businesses feel loved up and special. Click on the banner at the top and leave your review now! 



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