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9th February 2011
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When i talk to people about exercise, I get some people who say “it’s not really for me” or something like “i don’t really need to”. Whilst I agree we don’t all need to train as if we’re competing in 2012, there are so many benefits to exercising that people don’t realise.

Below are 100 benefits of exercise, I guarantee that something will apply to you.


100 Benefits of exercise


1.      Helps you lose weight

2.      Reduces risk of heart Disease

3.      Increases Muscle strength

4.      Improves your immune system

5.      Helps you manage stress

6.      Improves sexual desire, performance and satisfaction

7.      Improves survival chances of heart attack

8.      Helps relieve tension headaches

9.      Improves your ability to use fat for energy

10.  Increases bone density so decreases risk of osteoporosis

11.  Helps preserve lean body tissue

12.  Reduces risk of high blood pressure

13.  Increases breaking strength of ligaments and tendons

14.  Improves heart circulation

15.  Increases circulation of HDL (good) cholesterol

16.  Assists in stopping smoking

17.  Reduces risk of developing diabetes

18.  Can help improve short-term memory in older individuals

19.  Helps maintain healthy weight loss

20.  Reduces anxiety

21.  Helps relieve discomforts of pregnancy

22.  Helps control hypertension

23.  Reduces blood viscosity (thickness)

24.  Reduces cardiac dysrhythmias

25.   Increases maximal oxygen uptake

26.  Helps overcome jet lag

27.  Slows joint degeneration in people with osteoarthritis
28.  Lowers your resting heart rate

29.  Helps boost creativity

30.  Reduces circulation of triglycerides

31.  Helps body resist respiratory infections

32.  Increases anaerobic threshold

33.  Reduces medical and healthcare expenses

34.  Improves ability to recover from exertion

35.  Helps speed up chemotherapy recovery

36.  Improves body temperature control

37.  Increases cartilage thickness

38.  Makes you feel more energised

39.  Increases level of muscle endurance

40.  Helps you sleep easier and better

41.  Improves posture

42.  Improves athletic performance

43.  Helps maintain resting metabolic rate

44.  Reduces risk of colon cancer

45.  Improves control of blood sugar

46.  Helps relieve constipation

47.  Expands blood plasma volume

48.  Reduces risk of prostate cancer

49.  Helps combat substance abuse

50.  Helps alleviate depression 

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