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Herm Island, Guernsey

Peace and tranquility on a beautiful island , Herm has lovely scenic views which you can take in along the coastal walks. It also has adventure with Kayaking, Surfing, Archery and Geo-caching for the more active. There is camping, self catering cottages, and delicious food and fine wine at a fabulous White House Hotel. Plus you can enjoy cosy drinks and entertainment at the busy Mermaid Tavern. So what ever you needs , Herm has it all.

Herm Island, Guernsey

Herm is a fantastic Island to enjoy a holiday for a weekend or 2 weeks , we stayed in the lovely cottages and had superb meals at the Mermaid. The staff were all friendly. Plus you can enjoy a sporting holiday too, we tried Kayaking and Archery.

National Autistic Society Guernsey Branch, Guernsey

It is good to have a Guernsey Branch of NAS who help and advise parents. They also arrange a lot of outings and activities to get parents and families together to share and learn from each other. I have found them to be all very friendly and approachable members. Highly recomend any parents of Autism children to join this group.