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Submerge yourself in luxury in Guernsey by having your own swimming pool built at home, indoors or outdoors, by Lotus Pools Ltd, the local experts in pool installation and maintenance.

Lotus Pools Ltd formed in 2018 as a merger between pool maintenance company Andy's Pools, created back in 2014 by qualified swimming pool engineer Andy Colver, and sprayed concrete experts Surefire Construction, founded in 2014 by qualified and experienced builder Conrad Ayres.

Both companies had been collaborating together for several years, providing a high level of customer service, so this merger has simply formalised a long term working relationship into a one-stop location for all of a Guernsey customer's swimming pool needs under one roof. From pool design, installation and construction, through to regular maintenance, refurbishment and remodelling, Lotus Pools Ltd can do it all for you.



Indoor or Outdoor

The team at Lotus Pools Ltd are the experts at new pool construction. Using state of the art 3D design they can show you a 3D visualisation of what your new pool will look like in your garden or home, so that you can decide if it is really what you want before you push the button on having it constructed. Size, depth, finish, shape, surround, everything is customisable to your budget and requirements.

Lotus Pools also provide free quotations, so you won't even have to spend a penny before making sure you are happy with the pool you are asking them to build. With their guarantee of being competitively priced you can be confident that you won't find better value elsewhere.

Beyond everything customer satisfaction matters to Lotus Pools and they will walk you through the process, tweaking the design until you are 100% happy, and all before any earth is moved or concrete poured.

Once construction starts you can expect the very highest standards of workmanship from Lotus Pools Ltd, with their expertise in sprayed concrete techniques. Their skilled construction team will bring the 3D design visualisation to life in your home or garden with meticulous care.

Refurbishing or Remodelling

If you already have a swimming pool that is beginning to look in need of care, or even heavily neglected, Lotus Pools Ltd can inject new life into it with a refurbishment or remodel. From minor repairs, to major replacements of pool tiles or patio surrounds, new pool room equipment to even moving the entire pool room, Lotus Pools Ltd can rejuvenate your existing pool and make it look like a new installation.

Endless Pools

Lotus Pools Ltd are the Channel Islands dealer for Endless Pools which give you all the benefits of a full size swimming pool in a fraction of the space. In an Endless Pool you can swim against a consistent current, so you remain in place within the pool while getting a healthy aquatic workout. This means that your pool can be a lot smaller than usual and still accommodate all of your swimming needs.

Endless Pools are ideal for health and fitness, aqua aerobics, hydrotherapy, triathlon training, family fun, or just the pure enjoyment of being able to keep swimming non-stop without worrying about hitting the edge of the pool or going too far out to sea.

Pool Maintenance

Lotus Pools Ltd are experts in all aspects of regular pool maintenance, and they already look after a wide range of pools in Guernsey from domestic to commercial, saltwater to freshwater, hydrotherapy and endless pools. Whether you want regular visits in summer and less visits in winter, or just a yearly check up, Lotus Pools Ltd can keep a check on your water chemistry and help you to keep your pool clean and fresh. They will check your sand filter and filter parts and seals to ensure your pool stays clean throughout the summer.

Lotus Pools Ltd are also experts in leak detection, having state of the art pressure testing equipment.

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