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The GSPCA is wonderful , friendly, animal loving centre. The staff I have dealt with have always been polite and helpful whenever I have phoned or taken up a poorly creature. Without the GSPCA more animals would certainly not survive unfortunate accidents or lost ones be re-united with owners. The shelter needs constant financial support but without the caring staff it would not be the same.
The GSPCA rescue, board and help animals on guernsey with the help of full time staff and volunteers alike. They give people a chance to get back into work, rehabilitate people and animals alike. They have a huge name for themselves within the community through fund raising and organising fundays for children and adults alike. They help educate children, new owners and general public by giving talks, going to schools and organising courses and talking on local media. They have done so much for so many people and so many animals that I think it's only fair that all the hard work the staff do is recognised. Let's make them count this year and praise everyone involved from full time, managers and volunteers alike.
The GSPCA team do a fantastic job in Guernsey, working tirelessly whether looking after animals or fund raising. And congratulations on your well deserved community award you've just received! thanks too from Fred & Ginger who we rehomed 😀
The GSPCA do an amazing job locally. Steve and his team organise some brilliant fund raising events to generate money for all the animals that are being looked after. When i've made my millions and have time to spare i am going to help out and do some volunteer work. Keep up the good work guys.
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