• GSPCA Animal Shelter,
    Les Fiers Moutons,
    Rue des Truchots,
    St Andrews,
    GY6 8UD
GSPCA is a charitable organisation that prevents cruelty and promotes animal welfare in Guernsey.

With more than 140 years of caring for animals in Guernsey, the GSPCA is growing to meet the demands of the modern world with enthusiasm, optimism and energy.  

The role now, as in those early days, of preventing cruelty and promoting kindness to animals, through education, is as strong as ever.

Steve Byrne has been the GSPCA Manager since August 2011 and has a team of valuable staff and volunteers supporting him.


Members of the public can become a GSPCA regular sponsor and help support the following schemes:

ANGEL Sponsorship Scheme
The ANGEL Sponsorship Scheme is for those wishing to sponsor a kennel, cat pen, rabbit run, ferret run, hedgehog unit or wildlife section on a monthly basis.

Cattery & Quarantine Appeal
You can also help to build a new cattery that will enable the GSPCA to help the 1000’s of cats that come through their doors every year.


The GSPCA hold many events throughout the year including volunteer induction evenings, car boot sales, stalls, flag days and an annual ball. 
Anyone wishing to organise a sponsored event should download a GSPCA Sponsorship Form.

Any business, office or school that would be happy to place a collection box or counter box and sell GSPCA goods should email for more details.

Corporate and Group Days

If you are looking to send your staff on a volunteering and team building day, the GSPCA can offer businesses and groups a day of organised activities.

These days help benefit the charity and the animals whilst giving staff a unique experience and valuable day out of the office making a difference.

Activities vary including grounds work, animal care, reception / administration, projects or fundraising days.

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