What is Pokemon Go?
15th July 2016
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Pokemon Go was launched in the UK recently and, if you're the parent of children of a certain age, you may already be aware of it.

If not here's a quick overview.

What is Pokemon Go?

Pokemon Go is an app based on the popular Pokemon figures. It uses a phone's GPS to direct users to locations where Pokemon figures which appear on screen and can be caught. The figures then be trained in Pokemon gyms

For may this will be the first introduction to 'augmented reality' a combination of real and virtual worlds.

Is it Pokemon Go a good thing or bad thing?

  • On the plus side Pokemon Go will be getting people out and about, getting fresh air and exercise. As the latest craze it will also encourage more social interaction between people and families if they are talking about the craze and what they are doing, or playing together.
  • Concerns have been expressed that, by walking around focusing on your phone's screen, people are less aware of their surroundings and risk walking in front of cars or falling over - several accidents have been reported in America already.
  • More serious concerns have been expressed over child safety by the NSPCC, as the game includes a 'lure' feature for people to attract users to a specific location - there have been instances where remote locations have been used and people have been robbed. 
  • And of course the app uses mobile data - so if you are a parent paying the phone bill you might want to watch this one closely.

  • Other concerns have been expressed about the way that this encourages the 'addictive' desire to complete the game based on the brain's 'reward sensors' - but this not necessarily new and is something that many games and social media already do.
  • And those who are fond of 'big brother' scare stories will also have concerns about commercialisation. Although Niantic, the company behind Pokemon Go, started out as a Google project it is now a separate company in its own right. There is potential for the app to be developed for companies can sponsor or influence the location of Pokemon but this is simply advertising in another form.

Should you be worried about Pokemon Go?

In my view no. Like all things this could be a craze that comes and goes, although it also has the potential to mark a shift in the introduction of augmented reality to bring the blending of the virtual and real worlds together.

If you are a parent this is another opportunity to talk to your children, maybe even play together, and make them aware of the dangers. The world is a risky place and as parents or role is to help out children develop into responsible adults. This is just another step along the way.



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