Want to travel? Why not start at home?
17th February 2015
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I've been asked if I can do a series of travel blogs. I've never seen myself as Michael Palin or as an experienced travel writer, but I'm happy to put some thoughts down on paper (or rather ipad) and see if I can help inspire people who read this to go out there and see just some of the world. Whether that be out of your back door in the UK or further afield, then I'm only too happy to help to provide ideas and tips.

For a travelling person, oddly enough my first observation is take a look at what you have around you, here and now. What do you see? Work, school, family, home, finance, bills. Really? Try looking closer. No, closer than that. Do you see the sky, clouds, trees, fields, wildlife, other people even? What about ponds, parks, the lane you always drive down but never walk, that sort of thing. And what can you hear? Birds, the wind in the trees, traffic perhaps?  But What's really in a 2 mile radius of your home. Do you go there, take the kids, go for a walk, have you really explored what you have on your doorstep? I'd hazard a guess that you haven't.

Tip number one (and two), get an OS map of your area and a pair of decent walking shoes (you need these too for travelling by the way) and get out there and see what your area has to offer, you'd be surprised.

In Fleet we're lucky to be surrounded by some wonderful countryside and good walking areas such as Fleet Pond or the Basingstoke canal.

It not just about the nature, it's about the sights, smell, community, infrastructure even, such as libraries, local museums, volunteer organisations and I think most of all about the people you meet along the way. When you go away on holiday or for longer periods of travelling, when you come home your really SEE these things, so take a moment. Can you can see what you have around you now?

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