Valentine’s Day – give your partner the present of a better relationship?
5th February 2014
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Many people recognise that they are using their emotional or physical strength in a negative way in order to get their partner, ex-partner or family member to do what they want, and have made the decision to get help to restore a relationship to a more balanced state.

Often it is difficult to ask for help, but this step could be the best present this Valentine’s Day.

Respect helpline is a telephone and web-based support service to help people concerned about their behaviour towards their partner, ex-partner or family member as well as to these partners and professionals supporting the family. By calling Respect, people can chat through issues in their relationship and identify ways to make changes. The number is 0808 802 4040.

Men in the local area who have recognised they have a problem with their behaviour can access a long-term change programme, called ADAPT. This behavioural change programme has been helping men who wish to change their behaviour for over ten years and has seen many positive changes for the families supported. A local programme is held in Basingstoke and Deane. For more information, contact 02381 157065.

One of the men who has been through the change programme said “The programme helped me to understand that it is important to, at all times, keep the spotlight on ‘me’ and my behaviour regardless of the behaviour of others. This has helped me to deal with difficult relationships and carefully navigate my way through tense risky situations, taking responsibility for how I choose to behave and always attempting to maintain good communication throughout.”

For information about all local domestic abuse support services, go to

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