Putting Your Brand on the Street
20th February 2014
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Any business that doesn’t have a vinyl wrap on their car, even if it’s their boss's private car, is missing out in my opinion. If you’re serious about your business then why miss a chance to have a “mobile billboard” driving the streets of Aldershot and Farnborough every day, with your company details plastered on it? Famously the founder of wood floor company Floors2Go even had a bright orange branded vinyl wrap on his convertible Ferrari!

Recent research by 3M estimates that a branded vehicle on the road is seen by as many as 3,000 people an hour. Even if they’re not all actively noting down your phone number, just being seen around town is building awareness of your business with local people subconsciously.

This means (and again this has been proven through research) that any other advertising you do becomes more effective, ie: people who’ve seen your car or van are more likely to respond to your magazine ads or leaflets.

It’s so cost-effective too when compared to other advertising options. A single traditional roadside billboard, just 6 feet by 3 feet, outside London, costs around £1200 for 6 months. For that money you could completely vinyl-wrap your car and the wrap could last 5 years!

If you’re considering vehicle graphics, Aldershot specialists Reade Signs handle everything from artwork based on your ideas and existing branding, to producing the vinyl sheets using the highest-quality 3M materials and cutting-edge printing technology, to applying the graphics to the vehicle. They can even extend your vehicle graphics across rear windows by using Contra Vision, which is (remarkably) transparent from the inside.*

Keeping the car wrapping process all under one roof keeps costs and inconvenience to a minimum and ensures you get the finished wrap you were looking for; it also means Reade Signs can also deal with single vehicles or entire fleets, so don’t worry – no job is too large.

Speaking of Vans…

Vans of course have even better marketing potential with their tall wide sides acting very much as two mobile billboards as you drive along, and every time you’re parked up in town. Plenty of space for your logo, contact details and a strong memorable look.

Whatever your budget or marketing strategy, Reade Signs can produce anything from simple lettering and straightforward van livery through, to a full-colur full-van vehicle wrap.

Wraps Protect Paintwork Too

As well as projecting your brand a vinyl wrap on your car or van has another benefit – the vinyl protects the paint underneath from day-to-day marks caused by stones and gravel, light scuffs from dodgy parking (we’ve all done it), even from the occasional mindless person who likes “keying” cars. If the vinyl is applied to a new car, when it’s removed the paintwork underneath will still be like new.

Something Unique?

A car wrap doesn’t have to be for branding purposes - you may just fancy having a bright pink Range Rover and vinyl wrap is a far, far cheaper way of achieving it than a respray. Plus you can remove the vinyl and re-sell the vehicle in its original, sensible (more valuable) colour, and with paintwork as good as the day it was wrapped.


* One weird thing to note it if you cover the rear windows of your car in vinyl wrap (or Contra Vision) it becomes technically a van, and if you take rubbish to the local recycling centre in it they’ll want to charge you as a commercial vehicle, even if it’s only a Mini, as I found out recently!


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