Planning the Perfect Bathroom
29th January 2015
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Improving the bathroom, traditionally the smallest room in the house, relies on precise planning.

If space is tight a few centimetres either way can be crucial. Here are our hints for designing your bathroom:

Bear in mind existing plumbing; the position of the toilet for example will be dictated by the location of the soil pipe and the underground sewer. If you want to make a radical change it’s actually easier to move the bathroom up or down a floor than to move it from one side of the house to another.

If your layout is especially tight go for smaller fittings; a number of suppliers offer baths, basins and toilets designed to fit into the smallest spaces. Perfect for en-suites and cloakrooms as well as spatially-challenged bathrooms.

Remember to leave enough room around each fixture. It sounds obvious but it’s not always easy to imagine the 3D ‘functionality’ of a room when you’re just looking at the empty space. A sink needs clear space on either side for your elbows for example, and a bath needs at least 90cm next to it so you can get in and out comfortably.

When ordering your smart new bathroom fittings and furniture watch out for delivery times, which can be long if the items are being imported as some of the nicest stuff often is! Coordinate with your plumber/tiler/decorator so that you don’t rip the old bathroom out and then end up stuck with an empty room for weeks waiting for the new fixtures to arrive.

If you’re short of budget (and who isn’t) you can often get a good deal by buying an ex-display bathroom from a DIY store, plumbers’ merchant or bathroom showroom. Find one you like and just ask! Somebody buys them eventually, it might as well be you. Make sure you itemise what’s included in the deal too otherwise you might be expected to pay extra for the taps, shower unit etc.

3 Ways to Enjoy Your Bathroom More

  1. If you can afford the space, go for the largest bathroom possible. It’s a room where you do tend to linger, so don’t skimp on the space; make it a room for relaxing and lounging as well as washing. A comfy chair and some magazines will mean you can lounge about while you dry off or let the face-mask do its thing!
  2. Install a dimmer switch – an inexpensive way of turning your bathroom into a calm and relaxing space perfect for indulgent long soaks.
  3. Fit a fireplace. I had one in my last house; trust me an open fire in a bathroom is an awesome thing. A ‘fake’ fireplace with candles in the grate would do if you don’t have a working chimney.

Once you’ve chosen the sanitary fixtures you’ll need to think about flooring, wall coverings and furniture, all of which will influence the mood and feel of the room. Do you want crisp and minimal, modern boutique hotel style, or retro Victorian grandeur? Or your own mixture of styles, for a unique look?

Interior Inspirations in Farnborough have all the flooring, blinds, soft furnishings and fabrics you’ll need to finish off your new bathroom beautifully. Why not drop in and let their staff help you complete your bathroom design before you start ripping out the old one!

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