New Chairman takes to the sky
14th June 2017
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The Chairman of Hart District Council, Councillor Gerry Crisp, has raised over £1,000 by taking part in a wing walking event. 

On Friday 26 May Councillor Crisp took to the sky and successfully completed a ‘Wing Walk’ on behalf of the local charity Aerobility. 

Speaking about the fundraising event, Councillor Crisp said: “Prior to being elected as Chairman of Hart, I held a 4 year term as the Mayor of Yateley. During my time I was made aware of Aerobility and their amazing vision; I may not be able to walk, but you should see me fly! 

I was hugely impressed with an incredible positivity shared by all who are a part of this amazing charity, many with profound disability, blessed with inspirational leadership from their CEO, Mike Miller-Smith, who is also a severely disabled quadriplegic.  

A thank you to each of my sponsors for showing your support for this unique charity, and I now look forward my role as Chairman of Hart." 

Councillor Gerry Crisp was elected as the new Chairman of Hart District Council on Thursday 25 May at the Annual General Meeting. He is currently working with Hart Councillors to choose 7 charities to represent 7 towns within Hart, based on them being local and their clients being of vulnerable disposition. These will then form his chosen charities during his Civic Year. 

If you have any ideas for an event to raise money for the Chairman's charities, please contact the Chairman's Secretary on 01252 774143.

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