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30th August 2015
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Natural floorcoverings made from plant fibres such as wool, coir, jute, sisal and seagrass provide the perfect base for creating the most beautiful and inviting rooms.

Because these kinds of floorcoverings are made from natural materials there will always be slight variations in the yarn, weave and colour, which are all part of the aesthetic charm of a natural floor.

Interior Inspirations can introduce you to a range of exclusive, award-winning carpets and rugs made with sustainable natural fibres that are kind to both you and to the environment. From hard-wearing seagrass to soft wool, there is an inspiring mix of stunning designs and authentic natural styles.

The natural flooring range from Alternative Flooring includes grasses, sisal, coir, jute and wool - 100% natural and renewable products made from high-quality raw materials and manufactured in responsibly-run factories close to their source, providing employment for local people.

Choose from full carpets, rugs or runners made from natural fibres such as:


Seagrass grows on the riverbanks and marshes ofChinaandVietnam. Harvested by hand, the crop is dried and hand spun into cords then woven. Its natural strength makes it a popular choice and it can be woven into chunky or very fine textures.

Seagrass can’t be bleached or dyed, and so the resulting carpet or rug can range from a yellow green to a dark green depending on the time of harvest. Over time it will change colour and ‘mature’ in the way only natural materials do.


Sisal is extracted from the Agave Sisalana plant from South America and East Africa. The finest and most dense leaves are selected and crushed to give soft pure white fibres that accept natural dyes very well.

Sisal is also extremely tough and (depending on the product) can be equally at home in the hall and on the stairs as it is in living areas, where it provides a surprisingly warm, inviting appearance.


Jute yarn comes from Indiaand is made from the stalks of the Tiliaceae plant. Jute is the softest of all natural fibres used for floorcoverings, which makes this a material better suited to rooms in which to relax rather than heavy traffic areas. Jute flooring has a ‘tweedy’ look that brings texture and light to everyday life.


Coir is a hard wearing natural flooring material with a rougher texture, made from the strong fibres of the Indian coconut husk. The fibres are removed by hand and softened in the sea water to make them pliable enough to weave into a selection of designs such as herringbone or boucle, and comes in natural or bleached colours.


Don’t forget wool is the ultimate natural flooring fibre! Wool carpets are soft and hard-wearing, and can come in many colours and patterns.

If you want to go even more eco-friendly Interior Inspirations also stock a range called “Nature & Nurture”, which is the UK’s first biodegradable carpet. Completely hand-woven on traditional carpet looms, the carpets come with woollen thread woven onto a base of cotton, jute and natural latex. This carpet is handmade, and the natural irregularities give it exquisite character, charm and soul.

Most natural floorcoverings are available as fitted carpets, rugs (with a variety of edging finishes) and runners. Come and check them out at Interior Inspirations in Farnborough.

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