Lipo Without the Suction
12th January 2014
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Lipo Angel is a new surgery-free method of liposuction which uses ultrasonic cavitation (painless ultrasound energy) to break down fat cells and enable the body to flush them naturally from the system.

Clients of this remarkable system, now available at Barrie Phillipe, are reporting up to losses of up to 2 inches in one 45-minute treatment!

The treatments are surgery-free, pain-free and require no recovery time – walk in, lie back, and walk out slimmer and with smoother, toned skin in the treated areas.

The abdomen, upper arms, buttocks, hips and thighs are all suitable areas for treatment, so if you want to lose inches in these areas in less than an hour, with no needles or knives, then contact Barrie Phillipe for an appointment or more information.

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