Keeping your property safe while you are on holiday
25th July 2016
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Fleet town, its villages and Hart as a district is one of the country's best places to live.  The low level of crime is one of the reasons for this.  Don't get complacent, however, or find yourself the next burglary statistic.  If you're off for a summer break, here are some simple tips to help make sure your home is safe while you're having fun.
1) Tell a neighbour when you're away.  Consider an arrangement to keep an eye on their property when they're away and vice-versa.

2) Don't leave your bins out uncollected. It advertises with a big number on the side which property is empty.  Neighbours can help here too.

3) If you have a garden, cut the grass before you go - an overgrown lawn is another sure sign of being away.

4) Don't leave anything outside that might help someone looking to break in - ladders, outdoor furniture etc can all aid access to an unoccupied property.

5) Check that the windows are all locked and any tempting items on the window sills are removed - iPods/docks etc. 

6) It's not just the house that should be secure, make sure sheds, garages and cars are also locked.

7) Consider how you use social media while you are away - this is a clear indicator to anyone who can view your profile that you are not at home. So make sure your whole family check their privacy settings - particularly important for teenagers who often have a very relaxed approach to social media privacy.

7) Less about security and more about common sense - clear the fridge of perishables and, if you have a dishwasher put it on and empty it before you go.  2 week old plates fester like you won't believe.

8) Finally, coming back off holiday can also be an anti-climax, so if you can come back to a house that is clean and tidy, when you walk through the door it really will be home sweet home.
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