Is there such a thing as a painless bikini wax?
19th March 2014
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I converted to waxing a few years ago, legs and eyebrows but when it came to a bikini wax it gave me goose bumps and made me shiver at the thought. That would be way too painful!

I visited Lynn at The Cedar Hut  in Ash Vale to get my legs waxed, as I do regularly and she said why don’t you give the Lycon Hot Wax system a try? I wasn’t so sure but she assured me it would be fine so I booked in.....

Lycon Hot Waxing is a stripless hot wax that hardens and then removed hair up to 1mm! This type of wax has essential oils and soothing ingredients that leave skin feel smooth and soft.

So feeling a little nervous I visited Lynn again for my Bikini Wax, she immediately made me feel at ease and explained the process (similar to normal waxing, just with out the strips) and she started to work her magic.

When the wax was applied I was expecting it to be hotter than the normal waxing system, as the name suggests but it’s not, it’s a nice heat and the wax went on smoothly. The wax then set and Lynn was able to peel this off. I was holding my breath waiting for the pain but I have to say it definitely wasn’t as painful as I thought it was going to be. Lynn said that this type of waxing is 50% less painful than the other waxing systems!

I would highly recommend the hot wax stripless bikini wax to anyone who want’s to give it a go but thinks it will be too painful!

If you’re in the area Lynn and The Cedar Hut is can help! She is very helpful, knowledgeable and above all recommended but other people!

All I need is the sunshine now, then I get my bikini out!!

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