Cleaning for Allergy Sufferers
29th November 2014
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If you have an allergy sufferer in your household then you’ll be keen to remove as many sources of irritation as possible from the home.

Sadly though common allergens such as house dust mites and fungal spores can be hard to spot and can thrive in even the cleanest house.

Regular house cleaning can get rid of many allergy triggers, but cleaning the right way, and with the right tools and products, is just as important as how often you clean.

Here are 6 tips to keep your house clean and your allergies under control.

  1. Invest in a vacuum cleaner with a HEPA filter and use it at least once or twice a week. The new EU labelling on vacuum cleaners should help you choose one with good filtration – look for one which is A-rated in this regard.
  1. Keep the bathroom free of mould by scrubbing tiles (and grout) regularly. If you have a shower curtain make sure that’s kept clean too; wash it in the washing machine if possible.
  1. Wash bed linen weekly using a wash cycle of at least 60 degrees C, which is enough to kill dust mites. If your child is the one with allergies then do the same with any washable stuffed toys.
  1. Use natural cleaning solutions instead of well-known but strong branded products, or seek out more gentle and fragrance-free products. Check labels and avoid products containing formaldehyde, ammonia, sodium lauryl sulphate, D-limonene or sodium hypochlorite. As per an earlier blog you can get great results from vinegar and salt, baking soda and lemon juice, plus natural oils for fragrance.
  1. Use your tumble drier if you have one rather than air drying clothes and sheets outside, where they can pick up pollen and mould. The small extra cost of electricity will be well worth it.
  1. Sweep or even vacuum the entrances to your home, including paths and patios, to minimise the amount of pollen tracked in by family members and guests. So what if neighbours think you’re a bit mad hoovering the path! Also having a “no outdoor shoes inside” rule with your family will help.

If you’re the person in the household who has to do the cleaning and the one with allergies, then the ultimate solution might be to get someone else to do at least some of the cleaning for you!

Mini-Miracles can take over the jobs which irritate your condition, such as dusting or vacuuming, plus any other cleaning jobs that you particularly dislike doing... or all of them!

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